Frequently Asked Specialty Auction Questions

Below is a list of our more common questions and answers. Select a question below to reveal it's answer. If you have a specific question and cannot find the answer please contact us 24/7.

How do I register to this website?


No, but you do have to register if you want to consign an automobile for sale at one of our auctions.  Registration takes less than 30 seconds and is free.  By registering you create an account online that you then use to update and manage your vehicles for sale.

How do I add a car for sale at a Specialty Auto Auction?


If you want to sell a car at one of our auctions you can do the following:


  1. Register to this website and create a username and password. 
  2. Visit our auctions page and select which auction you would like to sell your vehicle at.   Click on the "sell" button for that auction.
  3. Once you selected which auction you would like to participate in simply follow the steps on our easy to use consignment form.  This allows you to add your vehicle details, upload imagery, and pay your registration fee online securely. 
  4. Submit your information and look for your confirmation email from


If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us anytime here.

Are the cars stored inside?


Yes, all vehicles sold at Specialty Auto Auctions are stored inside. 

Can I drive my car through the auction?


Yes!  You can drive your own car through the auction.  We actually prefer this since nobody knows your car better than you!

What does it cost to just attend/watch the auction?


To attend/watch one of our auctions it costs $10 per person. 

Who holds the title to my car?


Specialty Auto Auction receives the title during the check-in process. If it sells then we can transfer it directly to the new buyer. If it does not sell we give it back to you when you check the car out.

When do I have to consign by?


We can consign cars as late as the day of the sale. However, the earlier you consign your car on our website the better number you can get.

Does my car have to pass emissions?


If your vehicle is 1975 and older it does not have to pass emissions.


If it is 1976 and newer it does need to pass emissions. 

Do you accept credit cards?


Yes!  Specialty Auto Auction accepts all major credit cards. 

When do I receive my title for the car I purchased?


Colorado state law is 30 days, you will receive the title by certified mail.

When do I have to have my vehicle at the auction?


Thursday or Friday during check-in hours.

When do I get paid for the vehicle I sold?


You will get paid for your sold car 10-14 business days from the sale day.